air conditioning & refrigeration

At JML Contractors Ltd our services include air conditioning on domestic and commercial properties.

air conditioning & refrigeration

We specialise in

Our main jobs include the installation, maintenance, and repair of air conditioning units. Within our work we also conduct maintenance and repair of refrigeration units.

We employ fully qualified engineers with the correct experience to identify faults and conduct repairs and services quickly and efficiently. We are also fully REFCOM certified therefore meaning we meet professional and high quality standards. Our services provide a wide range of different types of air con. We conduct work in a variety of different buildings from homes to offices to warehouses.



This unit connects up to five indoor units to an outdoor unit. This is a ductless system and the temperature of each room can be controlled seperately. These provide comfort on both a commercial and domestic level.

VRV and VFR Systems

This unit uses variable refrigerant flow that allows customers to control individual room temperature. By operating at varying speeds, these units work only at the needed rate allowing for substantial energy savings at load conditions.

Ducted Systems

This unit has an internal fancoil installed in the roof of the building. A series of ducts run from the air conditioning unit to each one of the rooms allowing each to be controlled individually.

Wall and Ceiling mounted units

This type of unit is more appropriate for smaller spaces such as shops and offices. They are installed in a position which enables them to supply the airflow in the room.

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