At JML Contractors Ltd we have considerable experience both installing and supplying ventilation.


We specialise in

Ventilation is necessary to provide a healthy and comfortable internal environment for the buildings occupants. Ventilation systems that are installed extract the contaminated air from the room, replacing it with clean air.

Whether your ventilation requirements are on a domestic or a commercial level, we can provide a vast range of services to cater all needs.


Exhaust Systems

These systems are deigned to reduce employee exposure to airborne contaminants by capturing the emission at source and transporting it to a filter.

Supply Air Systems

These systems are deigned to encompass the production of compressed air by means of compressors and air preparation.

Balanced Systems

These systems is designed to extract stale interior air whilst bringing fresh air in from the outside through the use of two fans.

Heat Recovery Systems

These systems offer a solution of bringing fresh air inside without letting heat escape. This method re uses up to 95% of heat that would have been lost, therefore economically and environmentally efficient.

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